Tourists Attractions & Activities

Please note: this is only a few tourist attritions in the area


Jessica The Hippo

The world-famous hippo that played in Mr. Bones (movie by Leon Schuster) She can be touched and fed.

Hot Air Balloon

Experience the magic of lighter-than-air flight near the foot of the Drakensberg Escarpment. A one-hour long flights over the scenic Lowveld section of the Blyde River.

Moholoholo Rehabilitation Centre

Members of the public are able to get an up close and personal experience of incredible creatures and with hands on approach you get to see a demonstration of the threats and problems our wildlife is facing today.

Elephant Interaction

 1-and-a-half-hour interaction with Africa’s Big Boys.

Blyde Canyon Trips

Boat trip- Unquestionably being the largest ‘green canyon’ due to its lush subtropical foliage. An interpretation tour by a tour guide will take you to the rare living Kadishi Tufa waterfall and the Three Rondawels. An abundance of wildlife will keep you distracted while learning more about the natural history of the Blyde Canyon. 

Hoedspruit Endangered Species Centre

Standard tour- Following an introductory presentation, day visitors will embark on an in-depth tour of the center. Open safari vehicles with experienced guides depart every 2 hours .

@Dawn & @Dusk tour- You will have the opportunity to get off the vehicle and interact with nature, as well as enjoy a Coffee Break or Sundowner with light snacks whilst reflecting on all the intriguing things seen and learnt on this unique drive.

Cheetah Focus Tour- Cheetah Run, Standard Tour, Wild dog feeding Vulture feeding. 

Echo Caves

This underground wonderland was stumbled upon in 1923 by the owner of the farm called Klipfonteinhoek when he was searching for a source of water. Great was his surprise when he realized that some of his cattle had already mysteriously disappeared into the cave.

After exploring the cave, it was soon realized that this dark underworld carried with it the most beautiful gems of nature.

After the completion of the Abel Erasmus Pass and the Strijdom Tunnel in 1959 the cave was opened as a tourist attraction. Later the cave was declared a National Monument.   The name Echo was given to the cave, as a certain stalactite formation produces a distinctive echoing sound when tapped on. This echo can still be heard on the outside of the cave today.

Please note: Tariffs may change at any time. Activity availability depends on time of year.