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Extra! Extra! Read all about it!

We recently received a great piece written by one of our clients about his hunt back in March.

Read about it here:


2024 Season in full swing!

We are privileged to say that we are in full operation for this season. On our second hunt we were greeted by this amazing rainbow over the Drakensberg after we were blessed with some rain.

Hope to see you somewhere in 2024!

Rainbow 24/03/2024


Open for 2024 bookings!!

Move fast as our dates are filling up!

Contact us for personalized packages or tours.

Can’t wait to hear from you!


Good-bye 2023….

We are very blessed to say we had an exceptional 2023 season, and are very grateful to have met a lot of great people during this season. But we will not be out of office during the holidays and are ready to start planning all your 2024 trips.

Happy holidays!


2023! Happy New Year!

We were very blessed to have a full calendar in 2022 and looking forward to 2023 with bookings rolling in. Please book your dates as soon as possible as our 2023 season is filling up quickly.

Contact us here or at

Happy Hunting!

2022 Bookings Open!

Please feel free to contact us regarding your 2022 safari.

We will customize your trip to suit your needs and budget.

DK Safaris will also help with arrangements for covid testing before departure.

Let’s hunt!

Please don’t be worried!

We are aware of all the extra paperwork when traveling in Covid times.
All you need: a negative Covid test certificate not older than 72 hours upon arrival in South Africa.
Over at this side, we will assist you with the correct test and documentation for traveling back home.
Don’t hesitate to contact us if you still feel unsure.
Come and enjoy South Africa 🇿🇦
You deserve a safari!


Cancellation Hyena Hunt

We currently have a cancellation Hyena hunt available to hunt until end of April at the latest.

Contact us for more information or visit Book Your Hunt to book.


Book now to avoid disappointment!

Management Buffalo Bull Hunt

Last weekend in extreme heat and a little rain, we got this management bull just before sunset. With the Lowveld very green and dense at the moment, every hunt is a challenge.

Contact us for your management bull hunt at a cheaper cost than a hard bossed bull. I’ts all about the experience


Book now to avoid disappointment!

We are blessed to say that we’re hunting in full force. Please note that there’s limited hyena permits per year and they are in high demand.

Chat with us to secure your hyena hunt.




Last chance buffalo hunt for 2020:

We have one buffalo bull available on quota until 2020/12/31 for $5800/R85000.

This is a hard bossed old buffalo bull, hunted on a Big 5 Game Reserve outside Hoedspruit.

We hunted this bull there on 2020/11/10:

Camp photos:

Contact us on Whatsapp: +27603696320 or email:


Open for Tourism!!

Book your flights quickly! The South African borders are now open for all tourism from any country.

Hurry! The cold beer is waiting…


Back to Normal!

As from the 1st of October the South African borders will open for tourism from and to low risk countries. We hope you are on that list!

It would be great to have all our friends back.

In the meanwhile, we are welcoming South African hunters as always. Contact us for specials

See you soon!



Hunting 2020 and Coronavirus

Dear fellow hunters

This is a difficult time for everyone as the whole world is affected by the Coronavirus pandemic. As for hunting 2020, we can’t wait to carry on as normal. As soon as international flights open, we will be able to hunt as normal. We believe this will be at the latest in August/September.

Please do not cancel your 2020 hunting plans and rather postpone.



Bow Hunters paradise

Have a look:


Wishing all our hunters a very Happy New Year! May 2020 be filled with lots of hunting trips!


Did you know?

The horns of a mature bull kudu have two and a half twists, and, if straightened, would reach an average length of 120cm. However, they may occasionally have three full twists and the record length is a whopping 187.64cm. The horns do not begin to grow until the bull reaches 6–12 months, twisting once at around two-years-of-age and not reaching the full two-and-a-half twists until the age of six. They have long served different traditional communities, as both embellishment and musical instrument, the latter including the shofar, a Jewish ritual horn blown at Rosh Hashanah.-

29/08/2019                                                                                                                                                  Photo: J.K Photography

Hyena Hunts 2020

Book your hyena hunt for 2020 in time! Only 2 permits per outfitter available per year

May 2019 Kruger National Park trip!

Book now for 2020 with 2019 rates!

(Valid until September 2019)

Proud to announce:

We offer credit card facilities on site! 

Your account can now be settled using our card machine. No fuss with bank clearance or the safety risk of having cash with you.


All clients and outfitters will be required to sign a contract to protect both parties. Contract should be signed and emailed to us PRIOR TO ARRIVAL, otherwise hunt will not take place.