About Us

Situated in the heart of the Lowveld, DERIAN KOEKEMOER SAFARIS offers safaris and hunting in the ways it’s meant to be. We have been in the hunting business since 2013 and worked with some of the best and biggest Hunting Outfitters of South Africa.

We promise to deliver the best hunting experience you could wish for, and that you will leave your safari wanting to come back as soon as possible.


Meet the main team:

Derian Koekemoer

Derian completed his Professional Hunting qualification in 2013 but started hunting long before that. Growing up in a family that hunted for years, the hunting instinct comes naturally for him. He has a passion for hunting and has a big passion and deep rooted love for the Lowveld. You will be in the best hands being guided by him during your safari.  

Johlene Koekemoer

In charge of admin, marketing and photography, Johlene is the one who must keep everything in place for your trip. She is also in charge of the bookings and logistics. From your first communication until you say your last goodbyes, she will be the one responsible for all the logistics and arrangements.